1. Lewis

    2020 Toyota Camry Broken Spark Plug?

    Have any of you seen the spark plugs break when performing a tune-up on these engines? Just trying to get a gauge on how prevalent this problem is. Please reply here. Thanks in advance.
  2. BGroot

    2011-2018 Toyota Sienna Fuel Lid Door Hinge Broken

    There is a Toyota Warranty Extension on this condition. It is called Customer Support Program ZKE and can be found here... Some 2011 – 2018 model year Sienna vehicles may exhibit a condition where the fuel lid door is loose or not flush against the vehicle body, which may prevent the driver...
  3. MG

    2011–2018 Toyota Sienna Vehicles Coverage for the Fuel Filler Door Hinge and Pin CSP ZKE

    ***Please start by reading the Toyota Customer Support Program ZKI for full program information ZKE Letter Subject: Customer Support Program ZKE 2011 – 2018 Model Year Sienna Vehicles Coverage for the Fuel Filler Door Hinge and Pin In our continuing efforts to ensure the best in customer...
  4. BGroot

    2013-2014 Scion FRS Noisy Broken Flex Plate

    If you have a noise like the one in the video below, then you may want to look towards the flex plate being broken.
  5. BGroot

    2018-2021 Toyota Models Fresh Recirculation Servo Actuator Separation T-SB-0020-19 Revision 2

    Please see T-SB-0020-19 Revision 2 (needed) Applicability: 2019 Toyota Avalon and Avalon Hybrid 2018 Toyota Camry and Camry Hybrid 2020-2021 Toyota Corolla, Highlander and Highlander Hybrid 2021 Sienna Hybrid REVISION NOTICE: June 11, 2021 Rev2 Applicability has been updated to include 2021...
  6. BGroot

    Scion FR-S Owners Claim a Recall Fix Is Destroying Their Engines

    Usually when you take your car into the dealership for a safety recall, it comes out the other side of the shop imperceptibly better and safer than before. These are essentially mechanical firmware updates. It's theoretically one of the least risky things you could do to a vehicle—and at the end...
  7. Lewis

    2003-2009 Toyota 4Runner Broken Rear Hatch Glass Warranty Extension ZG7

    Warranty Enhancement Letter ZG7 Subject: Warranty Enhancement Program – ZG7 2003-2009 Model Year 4Runner Extension of Warranty Coverage for Broken Rear Hatch Glass In our continuing efforts to ensure the best in customer satisfaction, Toyota is announcing a Warranty Enhancement Program to...
  8. MG

    Anti Trump Rioters Destroy Broadway Toyota Dealership Cars in Portland Oregon

  9. OishiiJPN

    2009-2014 Toyota Rav4 and Rav4 EV Wiper Motor Link Corrosion Recall F0S

    Remedy Letter Owner Letter You can check the status of any Recall on your Toyota here. On September 17, 2015, Toyota filed a Defect Information Report (DIR) with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) informing the agency of our intent to conduct a voluntary Safety Recall...