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    2010-2018 Toyota Models Millimeter Wave Radar Sensor Floor Slope Compensation T-TT-0603-20

    Please see T-TT-0603-20 APPLICABLE VEHICLES: 2013-2015 Avalon HV 2014-2016 Highlander 2016-2018 Mirai 2014-2016 Highlander HV 2011-2017 Sienna 2013-2015 Land Cruiser 2012-2015 Prius PHV 2015-2018 Camry 2010-2015 Prius 2015-2018 Camry HV 2012-2017 Prius V 2013-2015 Avalon CONDITION: For proper...
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    How to perform the ValveMatic Reset Active test Calibration

    This is taken from TSB T-SB-0098-19 Repair Procedure: 1. Using Techstream, check for stored DTCs. Are DTCs P2646, P265B, P10A0, or P1055 present? YES — Continue to step 2. NO — This bulletin does NOT apply. Continue diagnosis using the applicable Repair Manual. 2. Clear ALL DTCs, start the...
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    2020 Toyota Models DCM Activation Procedure

    Please See Tech Tip T-TT-0575-19 APPLICABLE VEHICLES: 2020 Tacoma 2020 Tundra 2020 4Runner 2020 Camry 2020 Corolla Hatchback 2020 Sequoia 2020 Camry HV CONDITION: Some new vehicles may experience the SOS/Telematics functions inoperative during Pre-Delivery Inspection or after...
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    Toyota Vehicle Blind Spot Monitor Sensor Angle Confirmation Tech Tips Tech Tip T-TT-0537-19 Revision 1

    Please see Tech Tip T-TT-0537-19 Revision 1 APPLICABLE VEHICLES: 2020-2021 Mirai 2018-2020 Sienna 2016-2021 Land Cruiser 2018-2021 Camry 2017-2018 iM 2016-2021 Avalon 2016-2021 Avalon Hybrid 2017-2021 Highlander 2017-2019 Yaris 2017-2021 Highlander Hybrid 2018-2021 Tacoma 2018-2021...
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    Target Placement for TSS and BSM Calibration (Park Assist Monitoring)

    When used in conjunction with the Repair Manual, these Blind Spot Monitor, Forward Recognition Camera, and Front Millimeter Wave Radar tips leverage SSTs and readily available tools to support target placement in varying shop environments. Creating the Centerline – Marking/securing the...