1. Lewis

    A25A Engine low oil pressure

    If you have a Camry or any Toyota with the A25A-FKS engine and are experiencing a low oil pressure issue, please check the oil pan for any slight denting. It doesnt take much to cause this issue. We took one apart and put white-out on the pick-up to check clearance and found it touching...
  2. OishiiJPN

    2019 Toyota Models Unable to clear Maintenance Reminder message on radio

    If your radio/audio unit keeps displaying the Maintenance Reminder message on the display and it won’t clear, then the navigation ECU may be bad.
  3. OishiiJPN

    2021 Toyota C-HR Incorrect Programming for Rear Seat Belt Reminder Indicator Customer Support Program 21TC04

    Please see Special Service Campaign (SSC) 21TC04 2021 Model Year C-HR Incorrect Programming for Rear Seat Belt Reminder Indicator Check here to see if this Special Service Campaign applies to your Toyota vehicle. Condition: The subject vehicles are equipped with a rear seat belt reminder...
  4. OishiiJPN

    2019-2021 Toyota RAV4 interior cabin not heating warming properly

    If you run across a 2019-2021 Toyota RAV4 and the customer concern in that the cabin doesn’t stay warm or the outlet temperature get cool when sitting at a stoplight, then check the coolant valves for staying open. Especially the one just under the transmission shift cable (16671-24020...
  5. MG

    2022 Toyota Tundra - DTC P17A39E Set T-TT-0682-22

    Please see Tech Tip T-TT-0682-22 APPLICABLE VEHICLES: 2022 Toyota Tundra CONDITION: DTC P17A39E is currently under investigation. RECOMMENDATIONS: Please create a TAS case and contact TAS for instruction prior to diagnosing or repairing of the vehicle. If it is a weekend or a holiday...
  6. OishiiJPN

    2018-2022 Toyota Tacoma 4WD Inoperative Lights Flashing on Dash T-TT-0684-22

    Please see Tech Tip T-TT-0684-22 APPLICABLE VEHICLES: 2018-2022 Toyota Tacoma CONDITION: Water intrusion to the ADD actuator is currently being investigated as a cause of 4WD inoperative complaints. P17A0 and P17A4 DTCs may set for this condition but not always. RECOMMENDATIONS: Please create...
  7. OishiiJPN

    2021 Toyota Corolla (or Rav4) Low Oil Pressure warning message

    Oil pressure low warning message on dash without codes. Data list all in specification for oil pressure readings. You may want to check for any corroded wires in the drivers side kick panel due to a water leak.
  8. OishiiJPN

    2022 Toyota Tundra Active Grill Shutter “A” Actuator Stuck P059A71

    How many 2022 Tundra owners are experiencing this issue/code and the Dealer not finding a problem? Just curious. I have a friend who has had it 3 times so far. Please see this Post for a fix...
  9. MG

    2018 Toyota C-HR Engine vibrates at idle

    If you have a 2018-2020 Toyota C-HR that exhibits a bad body engine vibration when at idle or at a stop light, then take a look at the transmission mount located on the drivers side. It may be cracked... the part number is 12372-0T581
  10. MG

    2005-2011 Toyota Avalon, Camry, Venza, Rav4 and Highlander MIL "ON" VVT-i DTCs - Oil Control Valve (OCV) T-SB-0105-11

    Please see T-SB-0105-11 Applicability: 2005 – 2011 Avalon 2007 – 2011 Camry, Sienna 2008 – 2011 Highlander 2006 – 2011 RAV4 2009 – 2011 Venza TSB SUPERSESSION NOTICE: The information contained in this TSB supersedes TSB Nos. EG002-08, EG003-08, and EG004-08. • Applicability has been updated to...
  11. OishiiJPN

    2020-2021 Model Year Highlander Programming Adjustment for Low Fuel Light Special Service Campaign SSC 21TC05

    Please see SSC 21TC05 APPLICABLE VEHICLES: 2020-2021 Highlander (Non Hybrid ONLY) Condition: In the involved vehicles, the fuel gauge needle and the “distance to empty” estimated in the vehicle display accurately indicate the approximate amount of remaining fuel in the fuel tank. However...
  12. MG

    2020-2022 Toyota Corolla and Rav4 Parking Brake Warning Light On With DTC C059746 T-SB-0078-21 Revision 1

    Please see T-SB-0078-21 Revision 1 Applicability: 2020-2022 Toyota Corolla, Corolla Hatchback 2020-2022 Toyota RAV4 REVISION NOTICE: December 13, 2021 Rev Applicability has been updated to include 2022 model year Corolla, Corolla Hatchback, and RAV4 vehicles. Any previous printed versions of...
  13. MG

    2018 Toyota Camry parking light (P) on prndl stays lit up

    If you have a 2018 and up Toyota Camry with a complaint of the P light on the shifter stays on, you will want to check the connector under the shifter to see if the owner may have spilled a fluid like coke or coffee into it causing corrosion.
  14. MG

    2016-2019 Toyota Tacoma 3rd Brake Light Water Leak Limited Service Campaign (LSC) 21TD03

    This is for the Tacoma World Members- this is not a Recall, it is a Limited Service Campaign (LSC) Please see LIMITED SERVICE CAMPAIGN 21TD03-- See Pics Scroll Down Below 2016-2019 Model Year Double Cab Tacoma Center High-Mounted Stop Lamp – Water Leak Condition: The Center High-Mounted Stop...
  15. MG

    2021 Toyota C-HR Red SOS Light On With DTC B15A804 T-SB-0047-21

    Please see T-SB-0047-21 Applicability: 2021 Toyota C-HR Introduction: Some 2021 model year C-HR vehicles may exhibit a red SOS light ON with Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) B15A804 (DCM System Internal Failure) in history during Pre-Delivery Service (PDS). Follow the Repair Procedure in this...
  16. MG

    2016-2017 Toyota Tundra Brake Controller Error warning message on Dash Panel C0210 U0129 codes

    If you have a Toyota Tundra with the warning message on the instrument cluster that reads "Brake Controller Error if Towing, come to a safe stop with manual controls. Contact Dealer" then you will want to start by check for codes. You may come up with codes C0210 and U0129. If this is the case...
  17. MG

    2012-2014 Toyota Prius c Coverage for Brake Booster and Brake Booster Pump Assemblies CSP 21TE01

    Please see Customer Support Program 21TE01 2012-2014 Model Year Prius c Coverage for Brake Booster and Brake Booster Pump Assemblies In our continuing efforts to ensure the best in customer satisfaction, Toyota is announcing a Customer Support Program to provide coverage for Brake Booster and...
  18. MG

    2019 Toyota Camry Advanced Parking warning light flashing after battery replacement

    If you have the Advanced Parking warning light start flashing after replacing the battery, then you will need to use the Techstream to recalibrate the Advanced Parking system under the Utility section. There will not be any codes stored in the ECU's.
  19. MG

    2021 Toyota Sienna Hybrid Abnormal Brake Pedal Feel T-SB-0006-21

    Please see T-SB-0006-21 Applicability YEAR: 2021 Toyota Sienna Hybrid Introduction: Some customers may notice an abnormal brake feel in their 2021 model year Sienna Hybrid vehicle that could be described as a longer than usual brake pedal stroke. This may occur when the engine is off for more...
  20. MG

    2021 Toyota Supra - B58 6 Cylinder Engine Engine oil level low, Oil level at minimum T-TT-0642-21 Revision 1

    Please see T-TT-0642-21 Revision 1 APPLICABLE VEHICLES: 2021 Toyota Supra Genuine Toyota GR Supra MKV 3.0L Oil Change Kit (Oil & Filter) CONDITION: Customers may state the vehicle has oil consumption or certain warnings have illuminated stating low oil, “Oil level at minimum, add one quart”...