1. MG

    2011-2018 Toyota Sienna 2nd row seat chirp/squeak noise from the rear seat latches Tech Tip T-TT-0497-18

    Please see Tech Tip T-TT-0497-18 APPLICABLE VEHICLES: 2011-2018 Toyota Sienna CONDITION: Some vehicles may experience a condition in which the 2nd row seat, with center seat, exhibits a chirp/squeak noise from the rear seat latches (floor area). This condition is present while driving over...
  2. Lewis

    2008-2011 Toyota Highlander False Security Alarm Operation

    2008-2011 Highlander Hybrid 2008-2010 Highlander Some 2008 – 2011 model year Japan-built Highlander and Highlander HV vehicles equipped with a factory theft deterrent system may exhibit a condition where the security horn is inappropriately triggered and the vehicle has not been disturbed. See...