1. MG

    2022 Toyota New Models Tire Positioning Before New Vehicle Delivery T-SB-0034-21 Revision 1

    Please see T-SB-0034-21 Revision 1 (Link Needed) REVISION NOTICE: August 26, 2021 Rev1: Applicability has been updated to include 2022 model year 86 and Corolla Cross vehicles. Any previous printed versions of this bulletin should be discarded. Tire Positioning Procedure: 1. Mark the tire...
  2. MG

    New BZ4X in TechStream tool won’t connect and it’s not an available model to choose

    Follow these instructions...
  3. Lewis

    2022 Tundra Engine Noise (Good or Bad?)

  4. OishiiJPN

    2020 Rav4 hybrid AWD (smart key) wont lock unlock doors

    If you have a 2020 Rav4 hybrid AWD (smart key) and you programmed a new key but now both keys allow the vehicle to ready up and neither key will lock or unlock the vehicle, go do the ecu communication registration for id code box and steering lock. This should fix it, if not then reseed the...
  5. MG

    Brand New Tires Belong on the Back of Your Car-- True or False?

    For a variety of reasons, front tires tend to wear out more quickly than rear tires. That’s why even though you start with four new tires on your car when you purchase it, you may find that when it’s time to replace the two front tires, the rear tires still have sufficient tread on them. Common...
  6. MG

    You ever wondered what it's like to work at a New Car Dealer? (Foul Language NSFW)

  7. MG

    Toyota’s electric vehicle plans are getting bigger and more expensive

    Toyota is ramping up its electric vehicle production schedule, vowing to release 30 electric vehicles by 2030 rather than just 15 EVs by 2025, as was previously promised. The Japanese automaker also vowed to sell 3.5 million battery EVs globally by 2030 and to transform Lexus into an EV-only...
  8. Lewis

    2021 Toyota Tundra Vs 2022 Toyota Tundra Tug O War – Pull Off JUST FOR FUN!

  9. MG

    2022 Toyota Tundra Production Line in Texas

  10. MG

    We Just Bought a 2022 Toyota Tundra & Road Tripped It - What We Learned & Our Real World MPG

  11. MG

    Toyota bZ4X electric vehicle to arrive in 2022: Toyota's first EV makes debut

    Toyota has dominated hybrids with the Prius and other vehicles for more than a decade, but the automaker has been reluctant to embrace electric vehicles. That comes to an end in 2022 with the arrival of the Toyota bZ4X, a midsize SUV. The automaker on Friday released photos of the bZ4X and...
  12. MG

    2019 Toyota 4Runner Front Brake Squeal/Squeak Noise T-SB-0054-21

    Please see T-SB-0054-21 is now Obsolete. Please see T-SB-0051-22 Applicability: 2019 Toyota 4Runner Introduction: Some 2019 model year 4Runner vehicles may exhibit a squeal/squeak noise from the front brakes with light to moderate braking. Follow the Repair Procedure in this bulletin to...
  13. MG

    Tesla's NEW 4680 Battery VS Toyota's Solid State Battery

  14. MG

    2021-2022 Toyota Highlander with a whistle noise starting at 45mph

    *** Toyota has issued a fix for this noise in T-SB-0048-22. Please see this Post here. *** If you have a 2021 Toyota Highlander with a whistle noise starting around 45mph, then you may want to replace the hood seal. Allegedly there us a new design but will still have the old part number. You...
  15. MG

    2021 Toyota Sienna Hybrid Depleted 12V Vehicle Battery T-SB-0016-21

    Please see T-SB-0016-21 Applicability: 2021 Toyota Sienna Hybrid Introduction: Some 2021 model year Sienna Hybrid vehicles may exhibit a depleted 12V auxiliary battery when in IG-OFF due to a condition in which the Hybrid Vehicle Electronic Control Unit (HV ECU) does not sleep. The HV ECU may...
  16. OishiiJPN


  17. OishiiJPN

    The All-New Ford Maverick in 3 Minutes

  18. MG

    1979-2021 All Toyota Models Replacement Certification Labels and VIN Plates T-SB-0032-20 Revision 1

    Please see T-SB-0032-20 Revision 1 Applicability: 1979-2021 All Toyota Models REVISION NOTICE: February 03, 2021 Rev1 Applicability has been updated to include 2021 model year Toyota vehicles. The Introduction section has been updated. Any previous printed versions of this bulletin should be...
  19. Dread Pirate Roberts

    New Toyota Tacoma's Being Offloaded at Port of Portland

    Is this Toyota's new method for the engine break in period?
  20. MG

    2021 RAV4 Prime, Sienna Hybrid and Venza Hybrid ECU Security Key Writing T-SB-0111-20

    Please see T-SB-0111-20 Applicability: 2021 RAV4 Prime, Sienna Hybrid, Venza Hybrid Introduction: When certain vehicle ECUs are replaced, the ECU security key must be written in order for that ECU to communicate on the vehicle network. The Techstream Software Health Check Results screen has...