1. MG

    2020-2021 Toyota Models Toyota Remote Connect - App Operating Tips Instructions T-TT-0599-20 Revision 4

    Please see Tech Tip T-TT-0599-20 Revision 4 CONDITION: Vehicle control apps might not operate as expected at times due to preconditions (normal operating parameters) not being established, vehicle settings and/or network/cellular coverage concerns. RECOMMENDATIONS: Please review and...
  2. OishiiJPN

    Star Wars Light-Saber Toyota Hack!

  3. Lewis

    Toyota Thermostat Installation Position Tip

    Genuine Toyota 90916-03075 Thermostat We had a Toyota vehicle towed into the shop the other day and the customers complaint was that it was overheating. The repair shop replaced almost everything in the cooling system and still had this issue so the customer wanted us to step in. We knew...
  4. Lewis

    Toyota Flywheel Indent Tip

    When you are working on a Toyota vehicle and you have to remove the transmission and flywheel, pay careful attention to the three (3) pieces and what order you take them off. Most of the time, the innermost plate will have a nipple that recesses into a hole on the crankshaft. Toyota Clutch...