1. OishiiJPN

    2020-2021 Model Year Highlander Programming Adjustment for Low Fuel Light Special Service Campaign SSC 21TC05

    Please see SSC 21TC05 APPLICABLE VEHICLES: 2020-2021 Highlander (Non Hybrid ONLY) Condition: In the involved vehicles, the fuel gauge needle and the “distance to empty” estimated in the vehicle display accurately indicate the approximate amount of remaining fuel in the fuel tank. However...
  2. MG

    2020-2021 Toyota Corolla and Rav4 Parking Brake Warning Light On With DTC C059746 T-SB-0078-21

    Please see T-SB-0078-21 Applicability: 2020-2021 Toyota Corolla, Corolla Hatchback 2020-2021 Toyota RAV4 Introduction: Some 2020 – 2021 model year Corolla, Corolla Hatchback, and RAV4 vehicles may exhibit a Parking Brake Malfunction warning message on the Multi-information Display (MID) with...
  3. MG

    2019-2021 Toyota Tundra High Transmission Fluid Temperature Warning Message T-SB-0087-21

    Please see T-SB-0087-21 Applicability: 2019-2021 Toyota Tundra Introduction: Some 2019 – 2021 model year Tundra vehicles may exhibit a “High Transmission Fluid Temp” warning message on the instrument cluster Multi-information Display (MID) when towing in tow/haul mode at highway speeds. The...
  4. OishiiJPN

    2012-2014 Toyota Prius C ABS Brake Warning Light On with codes C1391, C1252, C1256 and/or C1253 T-SB-0028-21

    *** This condition has an warranty extension for a free repair. Please see Customer Support Program 21TE01 here... Please see T-SB-0028-21 Applicability: 2012-2014 Toyota Prius C Introduction: Some 2012 – 2014 model year Prius C hybrid vehicles may exhibit a condition in which the brake, ABS...
  5. MG

    2016-2017 Toyota Tundra Brake Controller Error warning message on Dash Panel C0210 U0129 codes

    If you have a Toyota Tundra with the warning message on the instrument cluster that reads "Brake Controller Error if Towing, come to a safe stop with manual controls. Contact Dealer" then you will want to start by check for codes. You may come up with codes C0210 and U0129. If this is the case...
  6. MG

    2012-2014 Toyota Prius c Coverage for Brake Booster and Brake Booster Pump Assemblies CSP 21TE01

    Please see Customer Support Program 21TE01 2012-2014 Model Year Prius c Coverage for Brake Booster and Brake Booster Pump Assemblies In our continuing efforts to ensure the best in customer satisfaction, Toyota is announcing a Customer Support Program to provide coverage for Brake Booster and...
  7. MG

    2019 Toyota Camry Advanced Parking warning light flashing after battery replacement

    If you have the Advanced Parking warning light start flashing after replacing the battery, then you will need to use the Techstream to recalibrate the Advanced Parking system under the Utility section. There will not be any codes stored in the ECU's.
  8. MG

    2021 Toyota Supra - B58 6 Cylinder Engine Engine oil level low, Oil level at minimum T-TT-0642-21 Revision 1

    Please see T-TT-0642-21 Revision 1 APPLICABLE VEHICLES: 2021 Toyota Supra Genuine Toyota GR Supra MKV 3.0L Oil Change Kit (Oil & Filter) CONDITION: Customers may state the vehicle has oil consumption or certain warnings have illuminated stating low oil, “Oil level at minimum, add one quart”...
  9. MG

    2018 Toyota Models Apple Car Play Multimedia Enhancement Precautions T-TT-0618-20

    Please see T-TT-0618-20 APPLICABLE VEHICLES: 2018 Toyota Sienna 2018 Toyota Camry 2018 Toyota Camry Hybrid CONDITION: During the Phase 3 update to add Apple CarPlay® to 2018 model year Camry, Camry HV, and Sienna vehicle head units, if the procedure in the TSBs aren’t followed exactly as...
  10. MG

    2020 Model Year Highlander Potential Vehicle Stall While Driving Recall 20TA06

    Please see SAFETY RECALL 20TA06 2020 Toyota Highlander Potential Vehicle Stall While Driving On March 19, 2020 Toyota filed a Defect Information Report (DIR) with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) informing the agency of our intent to conduct a voluntary Safety...
  11. MG

    2012-2016 Toyota Avalon HV, Camry HV, RAV4 HV MIL "ON" P0A7A with Information Code 122

    Please See T-SB-0142-16 Rev1 Applicability : 2012 - 2016 Avalon HV, Camry HV, RAV4 HV Introduction: Some 2012 – 2016 model year Avalon Hybrid, Camry Hybrid, and RAV4 Hybrid vehicles may exhibit a MIL ON condition with Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) P0A7A (Generator Inverter Performance) and...
  12. Lewis

    2020 Toyota Supra Evaluating Replace Battery Message

    See Tech Tip T-TT-0591-20 CONDITION: A message to replace the battery may indicate on the dash. This message can display when the voltage drops too low and is to assure the customer receives the vehicle with a fully charged battery. Due to the high amp draw when the vehicle is not shut down...
  13. Lewis

    Toyota Lane Tracing Assist Feature

  14. MG

    2016 Toyota Tacoma with code P045600

    If you have this vehicle and code then you may want to check the fuel fill neck at the tank for leaks as the cause.
  15. BGroot

    2017-2018 Toyota Highlander and Sienna Coverage for UA80 Transmission Warranty Extension ZJC

    Warranty Enhancement Letter ZJC Subject: Warranty Enhancement Program – ZJC 2017-2018 Model Year Highlander 2017-2018 Model Year Sienna Extension of Warranty Coverage forr UA80 Transmission In our continuing efforts to ensure the best in customer satisfaction, Toyota is announcing a Customer...
  16. Dread Pirate Roberts

    2019 Toyota Rav4 Water Leak at the Headliner

    If you run across a 2019 Toyota Rav4 with a water leak around the head liner or in the passenger side floorboard/kick panel, then you will want to check the grommets that hold the roof rack rails on. Here are some pics of the leak location and the connector corrosion. Also the TPMS light may be on.
  17. MG

    2005 Toyota Rav4 VSC Slip Indicator comes on when driving due to Rack Bushings

  18. OishiiJPN

    Toyota Rav4 Hybrid Pedestrian Automatic Warning system noise

    Manufacturers must install an AVAS (Acoustic Vehicle Alerting Systems) system in four-wheeled electric and hybrid electric vehicles that are approved from July 1, 2019, and to all new quiet electric and hybrid vehicles registered from July 2021. The vehicle must make a continuous noise level of...
  19. Lewis

    2012-2015 Toyota Avalon Camry Hybrids Coverage for Brake Booster and Brake Booster Pump Assemblies CSP ZKK

    CUSTOMER SUPPORT PROGRAM ZKK Letter 2012 - 2014 Toyota Camry Hybrid Vehicles 2013 - 2015 Toyota Avalon Hybrid Vehicles Coverage for Brake Booster and Brake Booster Pump Assemblies ZKK In our continuing efforts to ensure the best in customer satisfaction, Toyota is announcing a Customer...
  20. MG

    2017-2020 Toyota 86 Check Engine Light with code P0300 and/or Cold Start Misfire T-SB-0156-19 Revision 1

    Please see T-SB-0156-19 Revision 1 Applicability: 2017-2020 Toyota 86 REVISION NOTICE: July 09, 2020 Rev1 The Repair Procedure has been updated. Any previous printed versions of this bulletin should be discarded. Introduction: Some 2017 – 2020 model year 86 vehicles with automatic...