1. OishiiJPN

    2021-2022 Toyota Rav4 and Highlander Floorboard wet due to water (drain hose seperation)

    If you have a 2021-2022 Toyota Rav4 or Highlander with a concern of the passenger side carpet is wet or damp odor smell, then you may want to check and see if the air conditioning drain hose has fallen off. We have seen a few of these in shops and have heard rumors that the plastic is to blame...
  2. MG

    2020-2021 Toyota Rav4 and Rav4 Hybrid Evaporator Drain Hose Plastic Obstruction T-SB-0007-22

    Please see T-SB-0007-22 Applicability: 2020-2021 Toyota RAV4, RAV4 HV WMI(s): 2T3, 4T3 (Please see this Post to determine VDS and WMI's) Introduction: Some 2020 – 2021 model year TMMC and TMMK built RAV4 and RAV4 Hybrid vehicles may exhibit damp carpeting in the front floor area. This may be...
  3. OishiiJPN

    2005 - 2022 Toyota Vehicles Odor Remediation After Water Intrusion T-SB-0094-21 Revision 1

    Please see TSB T-SB-0094-21 Revision 1 (Link Needed) Applicability: REVISION NOTICE: May 26, 2022 Revision 1 The Required Tools & Equipment, SERVPRO™ Remediation Service Request Procedure, and Post Remediation Procedures sections have been updated. Any previous printed versions of this...
  4. MG

    2019-2022 Toyota Rav4 and Rav4 Prime Sloshing or Splashing Noise From Inside One or More Door Panels T-SB-0084-21 Revision 1

    Please see T-SB-0084-21 Revision 1 Applicability: 2021-2022 Toyota RAV4 Prime 2019 - 2022 RAV4, RAV4 Hybrid REVISION NOTICE March 01, 2022 Rev1: The Parts Information section has been updated. Any previous printed versions of this bulletin should be discarded. Introduction: Some 2019 – 2022...
  5. OishiiJPN

    2020 Toyota Tacoma with Lower Brake Power message coming on in Dash

    If you have a 2019-2020 Toyota Tacoma come in with a Low Braking Power message on the dash, then you may want to check the IS3 connector located in the R/F kick panel for any signs of corrosion in that connector. The likely culprit is that the windshield washer fluid is wicking through the...
  6. MG

    2016-2019 Toyota Tacoma 3rd Brake Light Water Leak Limited Service Campaign (LSC) 21TD03

    This is for the Tacoma World Members- this is not a Recall, it is a Limited Service Campaign (LSC) Please see LIMITED SERVICE CAMPAIGN 21TD03-- See Pics Scroll Down Below 2016-2019 Model Year Double Cab Tacoma Center High-Mounted Stop Lamp – Water Leak Condition: The Center High-Mounted Stop...
  7. MG

    2011 Toyota Highlander P0500 code Vehicle Speed Sensor

    If you run across a 2011 Toyota Highlander with various problems like the combination meter, trans shifting, and even the radio, then please check the passenger side kick panel for any corroded connectors. This would be due to water intrusion.
  8. OishiiJPN

    2018-2019 Toyota Prius C Water Entry/Condensation in Rear Combination Lamp(s) T-SB-0117-20

    Please see T-SB-0117-20 Applicability: 2018-2019 Toyota Prius C Introduction: Some 2018 – 2019 model year Prius C vehicles may exhibit water entry or condensation in one or both of the rear combination lamps. Follow the Repair Procedure in bulletin T-SB-0117-20 to address this condition...
  9. MG

    2007-2020 Toyota Models HVAC Drain Tube Blocked/Clogged Tech Tip T-TT-0468-17

    Please see Tech Tip T-TT-0468-17 APPLICABLE VEHICLES: 2007-2020 Toyota Models CONDITION: HVAC Drain tube is found to be blocked/clogged. RECOMMENDATIONS: Before the drain tube is cleared of the blockage, use a Borescope to look inside the drain tube to evaluate the cause of the blockage...
  10. MG

    2020-2021 Toyota Corolla Models Sloshing or Splashing Noise Caused by Water Inside Doors T-SB-0121-20

    Please see TSB T-SB-0121-20 Applicability: 2019 - 2021 Corolla Hatchback 2020 - 2021 Corolla, Corolla Hybrid Introduction: Some 2020 – 2021 model year Corolla and Corolla Hybrid vehicles, and some 2019 – 2021 model year Corolla Hatchback vehicles may exhibit a sloshing or splashing noise when...
  11. MG

    2014-2016 Toyota Highlander and Highlander Hybrid MIL ON P314A and/or P0C73, Corrosion Present in A9 Inverter Water Pump Connector

    Please see Tech Tip T-TT-0496-18 APPLICABLE VEHICLES: 2014-2016 Highlander Hybrid 2014-2016 Highlander CONDITION: Vehicles may experience a MIL ON condition exhibiting codes P314A and/or P0C73 with evidence of water (corrosion) at the A9 inverter water pump connector. This condition may be...
  12. MG

    What does a bad Toyota electric waterpump sound like?

  13. Dread Pirate Roberts

    2019 Toyota Rav4 Water Leak at the Headliner

    If you run across a 2019 Toyota Rav4 with a water leak around the head liner or in the passenger side floorboard/kick panel, then you will want to check the grommets that hold the roof rack rails on. Here are some pics of the leak location and the connector corrosion. Also the TPMS light may be on.
  14. Dread Pirate Roberts

    2006-2018 Toyota Models HVAC Evaporator Drain Hose Clogged Due to Insect Intrusion

    SUPERSESSION NOTICE: The information contained in this bulletin supersedes Service Bulletin No. T-SB-0033-14 Revision 2 Applicability has been updated to include 2019 model year Toyota vehicles. Service Bulletin No. T-SB-0033-14 Revision 2 is obsolete and any printed versions should be...
  15. MG

    2016-2018 Toyota Tacoma Water Leak at Rear of Cab - Center High Mount Stop Lamp

    ***This condition is now covered by a LSC (Limited Service Campaign) Please see 2016-2019 Toyota Tacoma 3rd Brake Light Water Leak Limited Service Campaign (LSC) 21TD03 Some 2016 – 2018 model year Tacoma vehicles equipped with an LED type center high mount stop lamp may exhibit a water leak...
  16. BGroot

    2018 Toyota Camry and Camry Hybrid Water Entry on RH Front Floor Area

    Some 2018 model year Camry and Camry plug-in hybrid vehicles may exhibit a condition where there is a musty odor or wetness in the RH front floor area of the cabin. This condition may be caused by water entry on the RH front side of the vehicle. Follow the procedure in bulletin T-SB-0042-18 to...
  17. BGroot

    Prius Driving Through Flood Fail

  18. MG

    2018 Toyota Camry with Code P26CB71 Electric Water Pump Speed Stuck T-SB-0323-17

    Some 2018 model year Camry vehicles equipped with four-cylinder engines may exhibit a MIL “ON” condition with Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) P26CB71 (Electric Water Pump Speed Stuck). The Engine Control Module (ECM) (SAE term: Powertrain Control Module [PCM]) logic has been modified to address...
  19. OishiiJPN

    2018 Toyota Camry Rear Wheel Arch Sealer Gap LSC H0T

    Subject: Limited Service Campaign H0T 2018 Model Year Camry Vehicles Rear Wheel Arch Sealer Gap Condition: In the subject vehicles, the inner portion of the right rear fender arch may have an improper sealer application. In these vehicles, water and salt may enter and cause rust spots, paint...
  20. MG

    Toyota Prius Driver Barrels Through Flooded Houston Freeway… WILL HE MAKE IT?