1. BGroot

    Seven Engines to Avoid like The Plague

    Car companies are first and foremost engine builders; it’s their reason for being. The evidence is right there in the name: General Motors, Ford Motor Company and Bavarian Motor Werks, to rhyme off just a few. Today’s high-tech engines still bear some resemblance to Nikolaus Otto’s four-stroke...
  2. Lewis

    How to read Certification Labels and Decode the VIN on your Toyota vehicle (Part 1)

    In these Posts I hope to help Toyota Owners get a better understanding of their vehicle and how the Certification Label and VIN can be deciphered. This knowledge comes in handy when trying to order parts or touch up paint. The most prominent VIN number location is under the windshield on the...
  3. MG

    Vehicle recalls hit a record 53 million last year

    Vehicle recalls are regularly in the news, warning of inadvertent airbag deployments, faulty door latches, even risks of fire, not to mention the ongoing Takata airbag recall that dwarfs all others. But the steady stream of recalls masks the fact that about 30% of recalled vehicles remain...
  4. MG

    What Happened to the Toyota Supra from the Rockwall Raffle debacle?

    If you need to re-read the original story, here is a link... Now for the follow-up story.... When an ad to enter a charity raffle for a fully restored twin-turbo 1994 Toyota Supra popped up on Daniel Shepard’s Facebook feed earlier this year, he put down $100 for six tickets. Shepard, and...
  5. MG

    Here's What Happens To All Of The Flooded Cars After Hurricane

    There are estimates that as many as half a million cars were damaged from the flooding caused by Hurricane Harvey along the Texas Gulf Coast, and many people are wondering what happens to those cars now. While some believe that they will be dragged off directly to junkyards or maybe even...
  6. MG

    What happens to your used Oil and Filter?

  7. MG

    What does The "B" On The Prius Shifter Mean?

    Use the B position of the Mode Selector Lever in exactly the same circumstances as you would change to a lower gear to slow down a conventional car. If you are going down a long and steep hill, controlling the car's speed using only the brakes can cause them excessive wear, get them hot and may...
  8. OishiiJPN

    The Toyota Logo History

    For the first time ever on the Internet, all three Toyota logos have been united for this historic post. Now that I’ve got these three together, let’s discuss some fun facts about Japanese. Let’s start with the first one on the left. This rarely seen logo will not win any design contests...
  9. OishiiJPN

    Toyota Scion Oil Specifications Chart

    Here is the Toyota Engine Oil quick reference chart.... Toyota Oil 2008-2017 Oil Fill Specs.pdf 2015-2018 Oil Fill Specs Guide.pdf