1. MG

    2020-2022 Toyota Highlander and Highlander Hybrid Abnormal Whistle Noise From Vehicle Front T-SB-0048-22

    Please see T-SB-0048-22 Introduction: Some 2020 - 2022 model year Highlander ( except XSE models) and Highlander Hybrid vehicles may exhibit an abnormal whistle noise from the front when driving over 35 mph. This may be caused by the radiator grille bracket. A new radiator grille bracket...
  2. OishiiJPN

    2016-2022 Toyota Tacoma Intermittent Whistle Noise Through Vents With Air Conditioning ON T-SB-0004-22

    Please see T-SB-0004-22 Applicability: 2016 - 2022 Toyota Tacoma Introduction: Some 2016 – 2022 model year Tacoma vehicles may exhibit what customers describe as a 1 – 3-second whistle noise from the HVAC system when the air conditioning system is ON. The whistle noise may occur as the...
  3. MG

    2021-2022 Toyota Highlander with a whistle noise starting at 45mph

    *** Toyota has issued a fix for this noise in T-SB-0048-22. Please see this Post here. *** If you have a 2021 Toyota Highlander with a whistle noise starting around 45mph, then you may want to replace the hood seal. Allegedly there us a new design but will still have the old part number. You...