1. MG

    2016-2017 Toyota Vehicles Toyota Safety Sense Front Camera Optical Axis Learning Information

    Service Bulletin T-SB-0184-17 includes precautions and key points for the front camera for Toyota Safety Sense C and Toyota Safety Sense P adjustment procedures. Situations in which front camera optical axis learning is necessary: The front camera has been replaced. The windshield glass has...
  2. MG

    2018 Toyota Camry Trunk lid opens fast

    Has anyone else had a problem with the 2018 Camry trunk lid opening really fast when the shock dampener fails?
  3. MG

    2005 4Runner Rear Hatch Window Inop with code B2221 Jam Protection sensor

    If you have a 2005 4Runner with code B2221 and the rear hatch window will not operate, you may want to disconnect the key switch connector on the hatch and then retry. The key tumbler has an electric switch to operate the window and can go bad causing this condition. Simply disconnect the switch...
  4. Lewis

    2008 Toyota Highlander Rear Hatch Window Opens when vehicle is Started

    Some Highlander Owners have had concerns about the rear hatch window will unlock or open when the vehicle is started. The repair for this is to replace the rear hatch window open switch on the rear hatch. Here are some Highlander Owners Discussing this concern. Toyota Highlander Rear Switch...