Dread Pirate Roberts

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If you run across one of the Highlander with an overcharging condition (which you probably already changed the alternator to fix and it didn't) then you'll want to check EB2 connector for corrosion. It is located near the battery and Fuse block at the left front.



I had the same problem with my 2004 Highlander LTD. The charging voltage on the alternator goes as high as 18 V and as low as 13V. When it is over charging at 16.5V, the battery light came on, when it goes above 17V, the VSC and ABS light came on and when it goes above 17.5 V, the airbag light came on. I had replaced the alternator twice, one with a rebuilt 100 amps alternator and then with a 130 amps alternator. Neither one fixes the overcharging problem. Now the battery light won't even came on anymore but I knew I still have the same problem since I installed a voltmeter on the power outlet to monitor the battery voltage in real time. I had looked at the EB2 connector but did not find any problem there. Any help from here will be really appreciate.