2005-2008 Toyota Corolla and Matrix Vehicles with 1ZZ-FE Code P2716 Recall A0J


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Recall Letter

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The ECM for certain 2005 through 2008 Toyota Corolla and Corolla Matrix models equipped with the 1ZZ-FE and two-wheel drive may have been improperly manufactured. There is a possibility that a crack may
develop at certain solder points or on varistors on the circuit board. In most cases, if a crack occurs at certain points or on certain varistors, the engine warning lamp could be illuminated*, harsh shifting could result, or the engine may not start. Also computer codes P0606 and P2716 code be set or stored. In limited instances, if cracking occurs on particular solder points or varistors, the engine could stop while the vehicle is being driven which may increase the risk of a crash.

Toyota dealerships will inspect and, if necessary, replace the ECM at no cost to the vehicle owner. For
additional information on inspection and repair procedures, please refer to TIS. The Safety Recall will be launched in two phases. The phases for Safety Recall A0J will be grouped as follows:

• Phase 1: Certain 2005 through 2006 Model Year Corolla and Corolla Matrix vehicles
• Phase 2: Certain 2007 through 2008 Model Year Corolla and Corolla Matrix vehicles

The following vital information is provided to inform you and your staff of the owner notification phase of this campaign and your degree of involvement.

Owner Notification Mailing Date:
The owner notification will commence on February 7, 2011, approximately one week after the
dealer notification. The owner notification letter will be mailed in quantities consistent with parts and
repair capacity.
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