2005 - 2022 Toyota Vehicles Odor Remediation After Water Intrusion T-SB-0094-21 Revision 1


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Please see TSB T-SB-0094-21 Revision 1 (Link Needed)



May 26, 2022 Revision 1
The Required Tools & Equipment, SERVPRO™ Remediation Service Request Procedure, and Post Remediation Procedures sections have been updated. Any previous printed versions of this bulletin should be discarded.

Some 2005 – 2022 model year Toyota vehicles that have undergone water intrusion may exhibit a condition in which a musty smell is present. Follow the procedures in this bulletin to remediate the odor and address this condition. The purpose of this service bulletin is to provide general guidelines and procedures for odor remediation. This service bulletin provides a guide on how to prepare the interior of the vehicle prior to an odor remediation being performed, as well as contact information for an approved vendor who will arrange the remediation, and instructions on how to prepare the interior of the vehicle for reassembly once the remediation has been completed. Refer to all model and model year specific Repair Manuals and the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) website for the most up-to-date safety and precautionary guidelines. This service bulletin is to provide a general overview and direction for the odor remediation process.


* This repair is covered under the Toyota Basic Warranty. This warranty is in effect for 36 months or 36,000 miles, whichever occurs first, from the vehicle’s in-service date.
* Warranty application is limited to occurrence of the specified condition described in this bulletin.
* Per Warranty Policy 5.2, only one warranty claim per warrantable condition will be accepted by Toyota.

Please see TSB T-SB-0094-21 Revision 1


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