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2009-2011 Toyota Corolla with Lack of Power

Discussion in 'Tech Help' started by Lewis, Mar 9, 2017.

  1. Lewis

    Lewis Moderator Staff Member

    If you have a 2009-2011 Toyota Corolla with a customer complaint of lack of power and/or check engine light on with codes P060E, P0504, P0575, C1425, C2173 then check the rear brake lights (Dual Filament). What we are seeing is that one on the bulbs filaments will break and touch over to the other circuit and back feed into the ECM. The fix is to replace the brake light bulb.

  2. 3500 Watts

    3500 Watts Guest

    I can verify this. This happened to me. A quick and easy fix if this is what's throwing the code. Worth every second and penny to check and fix!

    A dishonest shop could screw someone over big time with this! $$$$$
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