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2010-2014 Prius Excessive Oil Consumption on 2ZR-FXE Engine

Discussion in 'Tech Help' started by Lewis, Nov 20, 2016.

  1. Lewis

    Lewis Moderator Staff Member

    Toyota just released two Technical Service Bulletins on the excessive oil consumption issue regarding the following vehicles...

    2010, 2012-2014 Prius PHV (Plug-In)
    2012-2014 Prius V
    2010-2014 Prius

    These two Technical Service Bulletins are 0168-16 (Prius Oil Consumption Inspection Procedure) and 0169-16 (Prius Excessive Oil Consumption Repair Procedure) and they outline how to perform the oil consumption test and how to install the updated piston rings and pistons.

    We believe, much like the 2AZ-FE LSC ZE7 campaign, that this bulletin release could be a precursor to a warranty extension for excessive oil consumption in the Prius 2ZR-FXE engines. We will keep you informed when we know more.
  2. rommel

    rommel Guest

    I just finished phase 1 oil consumption test and failed 2.2 qt in 1200miles. Now, Both dealer and Toyota headquarter stalling and delaying actions in replacing defective pistons
  3. dncallico

    dncallico Guest

    Did Toyota ever fix your car or give you any feedback yet? they told my fiance if her car failed the oil consumption test the problem would be fixed for free. after her car failed the test they wanted her to pay for it so we didn't have it done.
  4. Misty Cramer

    Misty Cramer Guest

    My 2012 Prius V is consuming oil quickly. I go thought a quart in 800 miles. It's clogging up the inside valves with carbon. The car now shutters. I'm interested to know what Toyota plans to do about this.
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  5. MG

    MG Moderator

    Not a Tech but your symptoms do sound like this warranty extension ZF3.
    With the oil consumption, my guess is that they will replace the pistons much as they did with the Camry ZE7 warranty extension.

    2ZR-FXE Engine Oil Consumption Inspection Procedure

    2ZR-FXE Engine Oil Consumption Repair Procedure
  6. Jennifer1234

    Jennifer1234 Guest

    I sure hope they issue a warranty extension on this problem soon. For Toyota to be aware that there is an issue, but to only cover it for the 60,000/60mo warranty when a 2010 vehicle has already exceeded 60 months when this TSB was issued is nonsense. This issue has caused my catalytic converter to be clogged so now that needs to be replaced as well. So frustrating. I had an appointment to take my car to the dealer tomorrow to address the oil consumption but after everything I have read tonight from other 2010 Prius owners it seems like a waste of time to even deal with Toyota on this until a warranty extension is issued.
  7. SCGirl

    SCGirl Guest

    I have had my 2012 Prius V treated for the warranty extension ZF3 referred to in the reply by MG. All the dealer did was reset the valve.

    Now my Prius is suffering from excessive oil consumption. I have been through the Engine Oil Consumption Inspection twice and it passed both times. Car was serviced in June 2017 with an oil change at 130,000 miles. Took the car in for the 135,000 mile service this week. Oil lite had been blinking in the mornings for about 2 weeks - once engined warmed up the lite did not show. The dealer is telling me that it only had 1.5 quarts of oil left.

    Are you telling me that the the repair referred to as technical service bulletin 0169-16 will not apply to my car because it already has 135,000 miles on it even though this problem was known by Toyota as far back as November of 2016. This first time we did the oil consumption test was in August 2016. The second one was in March 2017 when they reset the valve referred to in the warranty extension ZF3.

    I am very unhappy with Toyota right now and I've been driving Toyotas since 1996.
  8. Ryan

    Ryan Guest

    I have a 2010 Prius, and it failed Toyota's oil consumption test. It consumes oil way so quickly that I have to add oil 2-3 times between scheduled oil changes.

    I was quoted $3,600 to repair the pistons, rings, etc.

    I am really angry that Toyota isn't taking responsibility for the problem.
  9. RNR

    RNR Guest

    I bought a 2012 Prius V with about 77,000 miles a couple of years ago. I have changed the oil several times with no notice of any issues. I am at 109,000 miles now and had the same experience of almost no oil left when changing it the other day. I have always used Synthetic and changed the filter at regular intervals. I can't understand what could have happened between 98,000 or so and 109,000 that would make so much difference. I had a 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid that had higher mileage than this and was totaled. I bought this one as a replacement due to only having a few days to find one (you know how insurance works with give you the money and want the car right then and stop paying for rental). The Ford never used any oil and had 125,000 miles on it. So this seems strange to me. If Toyota knows about it and hasn't done anything it is a different Toyota than I was used to years ago. I have owned a total of 4 Toyota's before this one and was always impressed by how Toyota built their cars and handled their business. This is sad and now they will lose many customers to negative business relations with customers.
  10. Kirt

    Kirt New Member

    I just wanted to chime in that I have the same issue. I have 143,000 miles on a 2011 3rd Gen prius and it's been great all along until suddenly she's burning oil like crazy. There is no leak. The local shop did a dye test and nothing, plus there are no oil puddles. I've just begun a spreadsheet log of the dipstick level and how much oil I add to try to be scientific about the amount of oil that's being "consumed." Is there any progress with Toyota taking responsibility for this and issuing a warrantee extension?
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  11. Lewis

    Lewis Moderator Staff Member

    No word yet but we’ll keep everyone posted when there is any new developments.
  12. Nate

    Nate Guest

    I as well have a 2010 prius and have recently discovered it's burning oil like crazy. I have 135k on it. pretty sad for an "eco friendly hybrid"
  13. Bobo

    Bobo Guest

    My 2012 prius in September was 2.5 quarts low 500 miles short of my 75,000 service. They performed a oil consumption test and said it passed. On Jan 24th 2018 had another oil change. When I got home the dipstick measured 1/2 quart low. Talked with the service manager. He personally filled my engine. Still trying to remedy the terrible oil consumption. Sad that Toyota hasn't stepped up.
  14. Skyler2014

    Skyler2014 Guest

    i have a 2012 Prius V..... right at 100k my car started consuming oil.... I now burn 5quarts every 3k miles! There should be a recall plain & simple! Either fix the car or buy it back!
  15. B_dub

    B_dub Guest

    2012 Prius that jumped from 1 qt/10,000 miles to 3 qt/10,000 miles. fun fun. Called Toyota and they said it's okay if it burns 1.2 qt/ 600 miles. Garbage. 2nd Toyota and hopefully my last.
  16. BrendaW

    BrendaW Guest

    I have a 2013 Prius, purchased new and now has 132k miles and started burning oil as well. First time I took it in they said the other Toyota dealership (who I only use for oil changes) didn't put enough oil in! WHAT!!! Then it happened again but this time I took it immediately back to my old Toyota Dealership and that's when they told me about Toyota's bulletin and that they will do some test and for me to bring back in 100-1200 miles. And if they are correct then I HAVE TO PAY $4500 to have all the pistons replaced, etc. WHAT!!! I'm also having issues with the Hybrid Battery cooling indicator light - had to spend $450 to get what they said was a bad indicator replaced. Only for that to come back on this weekend. UGG time to scream at Toyota or sell? What to do?
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  17. Lewis

    Lewis Moderator Staff Member

    Most Toyota owners and we are thinking that Toyota May issue a Warranty Extension on this oil consumption issue, like the Camry, so you may want to wait a few more months and see.
  18. Karen

    Karen Guest

    I started having excessive oil consumption on my 2010 Prius at around 70k miles. It is undergoing it's second oil consumption test. They say it passed the first one. It is also in right now for the inverter failure but that is being handled under the warranty extension.

    If anyone gets resolution on the oil issue, I'd love to hear about it. I have a 2004 Prius with almost 200k miles on it that isn't having any oil problems. It is very frustrating.
  19. Gary

    Gary Guest

    I have a 2012 Prius V with a little over 90,000 miles on the engine. it is now consuming 3 quarts of oil every 1500-2000 miles. For Toyota to have known this and not do anything about it is really ridiculous. I live in a state with a Toyota plant and I'm tempted to contact the facility president to see if I can get any assistance with this piston/ring issue.
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  20. ShannainTN

    ShannainTN Guest

    @Lewis I have the thread saved, as I am hoping for the warranty extension. I have a 2010 Prius, and burning excessive oil. Not to mention this week, had to replace my Hybrid Battery.

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