2010-2014 Tacoma 2TR-FE Exhaust Pipe Catalytic Converter Warranty Extension F0U


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Subject: Special Service Campaign (SSC) F0U
Enhanced Warranty Coverage for Exhaust Pipe Replacement and Catalytic Converter on the following vehicles..

2010-2014 Toyota Tacoma Equipped with the 2TR-FE Engine

In Toyota's continuing efforts to ensure the best in customer satisfaction, Toyota is launching a Special Service Campaign (SSC) on certain 2010 – 2014 Model Year Tacoma 2TR-FE vehicles. This SSC covers approximately 170,200 vehicles.

In the subject vehicles the front catalytic converter internal components may become deteriorated and begin to rattle. If continually operated in this condition, the deteriorated components could become dislodged and restrict the exhaust flow. If this occurs, the vehicle may illuminate a check engine light, and, depending on the level of exhaust restriction, the vehicle may experience a reduction in power. Toyota has developed a new exhaust pipe with catalytic converters to prevent this condition from occurring.

Special Service Campaign (SSC) Remedy:
Authorized Toyota dealerships are requested to replace the exhaust pipe with catalytic converters at NO CHARGE to the vehicle’s owner.

Owners Notification letters will commence in Early November 2015.

This is not a Recall, it is a warranty enhancement.