Please see T-SB-0168-16

2010, 2012 - 2014 Prius PHV
2012 - 2014 Prius V
2010 - 2014 Prius

Some 2010 – 2014 model year Prius, Prius V, and Prius PHV vehicles equipped with 2ZR-FXE engines may exhibit engine oil consumption. The piston and ring assembly has been redesigned to minimize oil consumption. Use the Inspection Procedure in this bulletin to confirm this condition prior to ANY repairs.

This repair is covered under the Toyota Powertrain Warranty. This warranty is in effect for 60 months or 60,000 miles, whichever occurs first, from the vehicle’s in-service date. Warranty application is limited to occurrence of the specified condition described in this bulletin.

Toyota requires specific security seals to be used for this activity (shown to the right). Contact the Materials Distribution Center (MDC) for ordering information. Labels may be ordered in packages of 100 from the Materials Distribution Center (MDC) through Dealer Daily – Parts – Dealer Support Materials Orders.

Repair Procedure/Inspection Procedure:


In some cases, a P030# (cylinder # misfire detected) DTC may also be set as a result of oil consumption. This bulletin does NOT cover the cost of an oil change. If the vehicle is approaching Toyota recommended service interval mileage at the start of the test, recommend an oil change at customer cost to ensure valid test results.


Vehicle Preparation for Oil Consumption Test:
1. Confirm customer complaint and request Engine Oil Consumption Test.
2. Fill oil to “Full” mark shown on dipstick.
3. Mark the following locations with Inspection Labels to prevent/indicate tampering during the test:
* Dipstick
* Oil Drain Plug
* Fill Cap
* Oil Cooler Line
* Oil Filter

Example of Oil Pan with Inspection Label Applied

Indication of Inspection Label Removal (Tampered with)

4. Complete Section A of the “Engine Oil Consumption Test” at the end of this bulletin
NOTE: Attach the completed ―Engine Oil Consumption Test‖ to Repair Order. It will be used later in the Inspection Procedure. This form will also be required for warranty submissions.

5. Return the vehicle to the customer advising them to return for inspection in 1100 – 1300 miles.
NOTE: Advise customer if they do NOT return inside the 1100 – 1300 miles range, the results will be VOID.

Confirm Engine Oil Consumption Condition:

Upon Vehicle Return After 1100 – 1300 Miles
1. Check the dipstick to confirm oil level. Is the oil level full?
YES — This vehicle does NOT meet Oil Consumption Criteria, remove ANY tamper tape residue and return vehicle to the customer.
NO — Proceed to step 2.

2. Add 1 quart of oil from a NEW quart container.
NOTE: Use oil from NEW 1 quart container to ensure accurate volume measurement.

3. Start engine and warm-up to operating temperature.

4. Turn OFF the engine, and let the vehicle rest for 5 minutes.

5. Check the dipstick to confirm oil level.
A. If above full, this vehicle does NOT meet Oil Consumption Criteria. Drain to the “Full” level, remove ANY tamper tape residue and return vehicle to the customer.
B. If below full, follow the Repair Procedure outline in the Service Bulletin No. T-SB-0169-16, “2ZR-FXE Engine Oil Consumption Repair Procedure.”

6. Complete Section B of the “Engine Oil Consumption Test” at the end of this bulletin. (Last Page 6 of 6)