2010 Toyota Corolla No communication ABS Brake Lt On


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If you run across a 2010 Toyota Corolla and you have no communication with the Hi/Lo CAN Network with ABS/Brake light on, EPS Power Steering light on, Tach/Speedo/Coolant gauge inoperative then try disconnecting the steering angle sensor to see if CAN communication is restored. This sensor can be faulty and causing this condition.

*** You may also have with key out of the ignition, A/c blower still has power and controls. A/c fans running and the day time running lights are stuck on.

Check if you have battery power on the load side of ECU-IG NO.1 fuse of the inst panel junction block. Then check the steering angle sensor to see if you have battery power on the blue wire with the key out. Disconnect the steering angle sensor and see if your problem goes away. Mine has a shorted steering angle sensor shorting b+ (red wire) to ign pwr (blue wire) Boom disconnected and fixed the issue.

If you have power on that IG pin 4 on that wire with it connected. Key out
that B+ back feeds through every circuit that runs off ECU-IG NO.1 fuse.