2011-2018 Toyota Sienna Power Sliding Door Cable Replacement T-SB-0141-18 Revision 1


*** Your Sienna sliding door may be covered by a Customer Service Program called ZKI. This program is broken down into a series of other support program names. Please read about them here...

Some 2011 – 2018 model year Sienna vehicles may exhibit a condition where the power sliding door cable becomes separated, causing the power sliding door to become inoperative. Follow the Repair Procedure in bulletin T-SB-0141-18 Revision 1 to reduce this condition.

The new part numbers needed are 04009-02108 (Right side) and 04009-02208 (Left Side)

This repair is covered under the Toyota Basic Warranty. This warranty is in effect for 36 months or 36,000 miles, whichever occurs first, from the vehicle’s in-service date.