2011 Toyota Rav4 Paint Problems (Blizzard Pearl)


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*** This Repair is now Covered under a CUSTOMER SUPPORT PROGRAM named ZKG. READ MORE HERE...



Also on Corollas...

This is not just on Blizzard Pearl colored Toyota's but also other colors as well....



I recently had the exact same thing happen to my car. I just stumbled on a facebook group of over 300 people with the same issues as you and I. the group is called
Toyota/Lexus/Scion Blizzard Paint Peels And They Won't Fix It
The main goal of the group is to file enough complaints with Toyota, that they are forced to face the paint issues head on. There are so many of us with this issues I have high hopes that something will be done. I hope this helps. -Paul


I wrote a Letter to Toyota as well and put in a claim. They replied that my car was out of warranty! I drive a 2011 Rav 4 Limited blizzard pearl with only 52,000 miles. I have had the roof painted already ($800) and each time it is washed I have another peel on the car! This is a defect from Toyota and should be treated as such. I have driven Toyota’s for over 30 years! Very frustrating as this car should last me another ten years!

Frank Dellapina

My wife Rav4 is peeling in huge pieces from the roof. I thought toyota was better than this. I have worked on cars for decades and this is one of the worse cases of paint screw ups from the factory but it looks like they dont care. When we get this fixed, it will be sold and Honda is the way to go. Toyota has been making big dollars from their sales but when it comes to giving some of that back....well then its screw you buddy.


I have a 2010 Toyota RAV4 Limited Edition with the pearl paint. I've had the gas door re-painted and had the roof quoted. $300 for the small gas door. the quote for the roof was upward of $3000.

Scott H

I have a 2011 Toyota Rav 4 Pearl white. The paint started pealing in 2014/2015 and, of course,Toyota told me it was NOT Their problem! Love the car, Hate the crappy factory paint shop job and will probably NEVER buy another Toyota because of how poorly they treated me by NOT owning up to THEIR mistakes!!! Too bad, a couple hundred dollars saved in paint is costing them my whole family which will NEVER buy a Toyota as well as all our Friends and extended family! Very sad how stupidly shortsighted they have become!!!

Sally Hahn

I have a 2011 RAV4 it was still under warranty. They checked the paint thickness it was a 3. When the rest of the car was a 4. He said it will only cost me 80.00 to fix and they wouldn't fix it. It's the fuel door. Now more has come off. This was after they had just fixed the roof that was at a level 3 as well. Color blizzard pearl. Now I have this nice car that the paint is pealing off. Toyota you really need to stand behind this problem. I will be submitting a claim with the BBB. As should all of you...

Former customer

We have a 2016 Rav4 with 070 Blizzard Pearl white paint. It's been blistering and cracking paint around the door, hood and hatch for almost 2 years.
Our selling dealer in Clearwater, Fl told us in March 2022 that it was covered by the ZKG bulletin but they were so backed up it would take several months for scheduling. We checked in every 3-4 months for updates but surprisingly, that Service Mgr was gone. Then the new one said it was approved but then he was gone. Recently, I spoke with DPSM for Toyota who says my VIN is not included in the program although the bulletin to dealers only states years 2008-2017 and production dates Early Jan2008 - early Sept2017.
Pictures and conditions are show exactly what they are correcting but this was denied because of a VIN?