2014-2015 Toyota Camry and Corolla Radio Touch Screen not working



If only the bottom left is broken, you can remove all phones from the list, then hit the phone button on the side of the screen, which will give you a way to connect one phone by clicking a button higher on the screen by an inch or so.

Still sucks, but at least we got one phone connected. Hope that remove button keeps working for us!
Same thing happened to my daughter's 2015 Corolla, which of course is out of warranty. She was able to do the credit card trick and it worked. I promptly contacted Toyota and the Customer Service Representative (Caleb) told me that he had no record of any complaints like this. I explained to him that there were many videos and complaints online about this problem. I am highly upset with Toyota right now for not standing behind their product.
Same problem. Had to use my insurance card to 'tap' REMOVE and ADD but got through it. Thought I was just old and couldn't figure it out ... but really needed it today and found these posts.


How strange that this same progression has occurred to my 2015 Camry. After a couple of years of using various items to activate the lower row, the entire screen now doesn't work at all and just displays the Toyota logo. And even more strangely is it happened March 2023 also.
Any luck with getting this fixed? Exact same thing with my unit.