2015 Scion C-HR


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Scion’s “new” and “never before seen” concept for the LA Auto Show isn’t either of those things—but that doesn’t make it any less exciting. The Scion C-HR Concept (which we’ve already seen with a Toyota badge) previews a potentially exciting future for Scion in a market that’s only getting hotter.

So what is it? In the simplest sense, it’s a new CUV (compact utility vehicle). Slated to replace the xB, and undercut its RAV4 cousin, the C-HR brings with it some exciting styling, and a specific buyer in mind. “It’s the perfect vehicle for ‘yuccies,’” says Scion. To put it more plainly, young, urban creatives looking for a more fun and affordable city SUV.

Since the C-HR is still just a concept, no performance figures have been given, but Scion is pretty adamant on focusing on design for this one. “Polarizing is ok. Boring is not.” Though, the same can’t be said about the naming scheme. C-HR stands for “Compact size and High Ride,” which is particularly descriptive, though not anywhere near as exciting as the aesthetics. Not that it really matters.

Nonetheless, the C-HR will add a new dynamic to the Scion lineup when it goes on sale sometime in 2016. Scion is remaining mum on exactly when we’ll see the C-HR in production guise, but we shouldn’t be surprised if it shows up before July. For those of you heading to the LA Auto Show, you can catch it on display in all its “polarizing” glory.