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See Tech Tip T-TT-0538-19 (Sequoia) and Tech Tip T-TT-0533-19 (Tundra)

Customers may raise a concern of a clunk type noise coming from the engine compartment shortly after start-up, due to repeated depressing of the brake pedal or shortly after the vehicle begins to move.

This is normal operation, refer to page 306 in the Sequoia's Owner’s manual or page 305 in the Tundra's Owner Manual. (see below excerpt)

“A sound may be heard from the engine compartment when the brake pedal is depressed repeatedly, when the engine is started or just after the vehicle begins to move. This sound does not indicate that a malfunction has occurred in any of these systems.

Any of the following conditions may occur when the above systems are operating. None of these indicates that a malfunction has occurred.

• Vibrations may be felt through the vehicle body and steering.
• A motor sound may be heard also after the vehicle comes to a stop.
• The brake pedal may pulsate slightly after the ABS is activated.
• The brake pedal may move down slightly after the ABS is activated.”

If the noise or phenomena being generated is something other than what is listed above, diagnosis per the repair manual.