2019 Toyota Rav4 Hybrid Fuel Gauge Tank Concern Tech Tip T-TT-0581-19

Dread Pirate Roberts

Staff member
Some 2019 model year RAV4 HV customers may be experiencing some concern related to fuel gauge reading less than full. Please note, this communication refers to 2019 RAV4 HV customers only. The meter may display somewhere around 3/4 or 7/8 full at time of gas station pump auto stop.

See Tech Tip T-TT-0581-19

If the vehicle matches this condition, perform active test using Techstream to confirm fuel gauge operation.
* If OK, no repairs recommended at this time. Concern is under investigation.
*If NG, contact TAS for further assistance. If it’s a Sunday or holiday, continue with diagnosis and repair, save all parts and details, contact TAS on the next available work day and review details with TAS engineer.