2020-2022 Toyota Supra Supra Battery Testing T-TT-0648-21


Please see Tech Tip T-TT-0648-21


2020-2022 Toyota Supra

When testing the battery during PDS with either the DSS-5000 or DCA-8000 battery diagnostic tools, the DCA/DSS battery tester may provide inaccurate results if it is connected to the remote battery posts under the hood.

To accurately test the battery
* Access the battery in the rear of the vehicle.
* Connect the positive clamp directly to the positive post.
* Connect the negative clamp to either end of the ground wire after the intelligent battery sensor (IBS).
* Connecting directly to the negative post or area before the IBS sensor may set battery fault codes or damage to the IBS sensor.
* The image below shows the correct area to connect the negative clamp of the tester.

For battery charging, use the DCA-8000 connected to the remote battery posts under the hood of the vehicle.