2021 Toyota Supra - B58 6 Cylinder Engine Engine oil level low, Oil level at minimum T-TT-0642-21 Revision 1


Please see T-TT-0642-21 Revision 1

2021 Toyota Supra

Customers may state the vehicle has oil consumption or certain warnings have illuminated stating low oil, “Oil level at minimum, add one quart” as stated on MID.

Please interview the customer to gather the following information:
- Is this the first time the customer has stated the vehicle’s oil is low?
- Has any oil been added to the vehicle?
- How do they drive the vehicle? Aggressive, Moderate, Easy
- Where do they drive mostly? Highways, city, racetracks
- Frequency of driving per week?
- Average miles on daily trips?
- Average length of time for each trip?

Once this information has been gathered, please create a TAS case, including the information above, and contact TAS for instruction prior to diagnosing or repairing of the vehicle. If it is a weekend or holiday, continue with diagnosis and repair. Please save all parts and/or details and contact TAS on the next available workday.


Henry Swartz

I worked for Toyota for 41 years and my Brother has worker for Toyota 44 years. I bought a 2021 Supra in April 2021, It used the first quart of oil at 3,821 miles and the second quart only 2,181 miles later. I will not allow Toyota to do any engine work or engine replacement. I have filed all necessary complaints with Toyota. So far they have offered me an Extended Warranty . Toyota USA is going to contact me within 30 days.