Forget Tesla, meet the Pruck. Toyota Prius Truck


What do you call a Prius hybrid combined with a pickup? The Pruck

These days, when Ruud Hartog drives down the road a lot of drivers look twice.

"If they're passing me in the left lane, they come up (then) back off to get a good look at it," Hartog said. "Usually the iPhone is going and then they pass me and give me a thumbs-up or they honk the horn."

Hartog, 75, a retired engineer who spent 20 years in the Air Force, has done what Japanese automaker Toyota hasn't:

He converted his Toyota Prius hybrid into a pickup truck.

He calls it the Pruck.

"I like the Toyota Prius — the electronics and the tech setup," he said. "And I also like trucks."

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