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File this under-- "I lost my Toyota keys" or "I need an extra Key for my Toyota vehicle."
There are two ways to cut a new key for your Toyota vehicle. One is to "trace cut" a new key from one of the old keys and the other way is to use the "key code" that is deciphered from your Toyota vehicles VIN number.

How do I obtain the key code number?
First, let's talk about what is a Key Code. A key code is a series of alphanumeric characters, usually 5 digits, used by Toyota Dealers and Locksmiths to create a brand new key. Just like when it rolled off the assembly line at the Factory.

When your Toyota car/truck was made, a new set of keys came with it from the selling Dealer. On the ring of these new keys was a small stamped piece of metal that had a five digit key code. Here is what it looked like...



Key codes can be obtained from your local Toyota dealership upon presentation of photo identification and proof of ownership. The dealership will need your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). Please be aware that Toyota does not keep key codes for all model year vehicles. They usually have access to the last 10 years of vehicle key codes. Any vehicle older than that, then they will have you call Toyota directly to see if Toyota can assist you in obtaining the code.

This method of cutting a new key using the key code comes in handy when an old key is worn out and cannot be "traced cut".


** If the Toyota vehicle has an immobilizer system (built-in computer chip in the key), then the vehicle's computer will need to be programmed with a dealership scan tool (a Professional Locksmith can also perform this) to authorize the new key to be able to start the engine.

Is there another way to obtain my Toyota Key Code without going to the Toyota Dealer?

Yes there are two ways. The first way is that you can call a Professional Locksmith in your area or you can use an online service like this one. And for a small fee they will use your VIN number to search their database and find it.

The second way is to disassemble your passenger side front door lock and look at the top of it. On the older Toyota vehicles (some newer Toyota vehicles do not have front passenger door locks) the 5 digit key code will be stamped into the top of it like this...


I hope that you have found this Tech Tip helpful and comes in handy one day.

Transponder Fix


Hey, I found this info. VERY useful for transponders - I've always wondered how cop cars and U-Hauls can use a non-transponder key in a late model (transponder) ECU - just turn it off :) - Need a new SKIM module? I found one on the ground at pull-a-part. No way to get the PIN out of it, it's junk, right? Not necessarily. I think this is more than most locksmiths would be able to do. Enjoy!

PS: If anyone has the ARCOM 2 and successfully uses it, let me know