The Toyota Yaris IS Dead


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We’ve been here before. Small cars aren’t profitable. Americans don’t buy small cars. SUVs are the answer. Cancel all of the small cars and push buyers upmarket. What’s that? There’s an economic recession? Fuel prices are unstable? People are paying ten grand for old Geo Metros? Damn, wish we still sold the Yaris!

Toyota is killing the Mazda 2-based Yaris sedan and hatchback for the U.S. market. The news began circulating via a memo sent to dealerships, which was circulated on Reddit. A Toyota representative later confirmed to Roadshow that “There are no plans at this time to offer anything in that segment.” Which is a shame, because this has singlehandedly jumped the Toyota cost of entry $4,175 from the Yaris’ $15,650 entry price to the Corolla sedan’s $19,825.

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