Good day, I bought a Toyota Prado from japan, it has an audio and navigation system. This is what is written in the software update:
model id DCU 17TDTJP-CA31 and
model id MEU 17TMTMJP-DA50
audio 14119
navigation 1245

parts no dcu 86140-60g40
meu 86840-33375
Sam id dcu aeaifpnjwt
meu aeaifsgadw
I live in Trinidad in the Caribbean where our band width is higher than Japan.
Japan band width is 70 to 95, while in Trinidad we are 70 to 110
Is there a software that I can download to increase the band width and change the voice massages' to English
Could this be done?
If this is possible where can I acquire it. What are my options on this?