Toyota Smart Key Deactivation for Heart Pacemaker or Long Term Storage


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There are instances where an Owner may want to disable the Smart Start function of their Toyota Vehicle. These may include a Heart Pacemaker or Long Term vehicle storage. Here is Toyota's recommendation on Smart Key usage while having a Pacemaker.

There are several methods used by Toyota to deactivate the Smart Start System depending on the Model and Year. Some vehicles will require the use of your local Toyota Dealer to deactivate this system. While others like this 2016 Sienna allow the vehicle Owner to do this themselves. This deactivation is performed through the audio unit: Setup, Vehicle Settings, Vehicle Customization, Door Lock Settings then Access System w/ Elect Key...






After you deactivate the Smart Start System, you will need to start the vehicle as if the smart key battery is dead. Like this....


Thomas Hough

Thank you for this information - Can you please inform us of what the antenna frequency and signal strength is on the Smart Key System. This information is going to be useful to take to the Dr to determine if there is going to be problem with my specific make and model of pacemaker.

Please e mail me ASAP