What is a Dealer Product Report (DPR)?

System Overview

The Dealership Product Report System allows qualified Toyota and Lexus Technicians to provide fast and direct feedback on the product quality issues that they encounter when working in the shop. This feedback will be used by TMS and the Factory Engineers to improve Toyota, Scion, and Lexus vehicles.


Toyota and Lexus have a well-deserved reputation for building the best vehicles in the industry. This reputation has been earned through experience, hard work and a dedication to quality from manufacturing to your dealership service department. As a Toyota/Scion, or Lexus technician you play a special role in identifying and correcting vehicle performance issues each and every day

Dealership Product Reports (DPRs) allow our highest trained and most qualified technicians the opportunity to submit vehicle quality issues directly to Toyota and Lexus engineering experts. Your information may even lead to valuable new service bulletins/procedures or product improvements.

As our “front-line” product experts, you play a vital role in maintaining and improving Toyota and Lexus quality. Right from TIS Techstream, at the point of repair, you can submit specific quality and product performance concerns as you discover them. The easy to use, online form even allows you to attach digital photographs, movie clips, pdf files, and data files from TIS Techstream to help describe the issue. Each report is reviewed, approved, and distributed electronically bringing attention to your customer’s concerns.

Who in the Dealership is eligible to submit a DPR?
All Toyota Master or Master Diagnostic Technicians (MDT's), and Lexus Diagnostic Specialists can use this system. The system will automatically identify those technicians that are eligible to submit DPRs.

What do we submit reports on?
*Toyota vehicles that are under 10 years old and under 100.000 miles
*New model items
*Areas where the product design does not meet the customer's expectations
*New problems that you are seeing at your Dealership
*Durability issues. Your report should contain "just the facts" of the condition that you have experienced first-hand.
*Please keep the report as professional as possible - avoid using "slang" terms or other "embellishments".

Can I, as a customer, ask a Dealer Service Department to submit a DPR on my vehicle?
As long as the customers concern fits the criteria for DPR submission, then yes, you can ask. This post was intended to help educate customers as well as provide a behind the scenes peek as to how Dealer Technicians can improve the customer experience with the Toyota vehicle as well as product improvement for future customers. While I personally have never had a customer ask me to submit a DPR, I have on occasion informed the Toyota owner that I was submitting a DPR on their vehicle. This helps them to understand that we as a Dealer are taking an interest in their concern and that they are also helping to improve the Toyota experience by bringing their concern to our attention .

Does Toyota Recover the Parts that we replace and we summited a DPR on?
Yes! Toyota will usually call the Dealership parts department and request the parts be sent back for inspection within 14 days of the repair being made. The Dealer parts department is required to hold all warranty parts replaced for 90 days in case Toyota requests them.

How does Toyota process a summited DPR?
The Technician's report will go directly to a Field Technical Specialist (FTS) for review and/or editing before going to TMS. Once approved, TMS Quality Assurance will investigate the issue and forward to the appropriate person/department for review and/or action. If needed, Toyota can make changes to vehicle production, update parts and issue a Tech Tip, Technical Service Bulletin (TSB's) or even a Recall.


Are Technicians recognized for submitting Dealer Product Reports?
Yes they are! By the time a Technician has achieved the level of Toyota Master, Master Diagnostic Technicians (MDT's), or Lexus Diagnostic Specialists, they have already demonstrated a commitment to their career professionalism/development as well as helping to make Toyota a better product for our customers. Technicians are rewarded quarterly and yearly by their Region through competitions that not only include "A" rated DPR's but also monthly Technical questions that can earn them recognitions through Trips, Cruises and even Cash awards.