What is the difference between a Warranty Enhancement and a Recall?


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As a Toyota Owner, there are times when you run across a problem with your vehicle and wondered if the condition is covered by a recall. You may have searched online forums or Goggled it and found other Toyota owners with the same vehicle and condition. You thought, “Certainly, since there are quite a few of these concerns, Toyota must be doing something to help out!?”.

More often than not, Toyota is doing something and the remedy will fall into one of the following categories, a LSC (Limited Service Campaign), SSC (Special Service Campaign), CSP (Customer Support Program) or a Recall.


What is the difference between a LSC, SSC, CSP and a Recall?

The first two (LSC,SSC) are Service Campaigns where repairs are voluntarily made for customer satisfaction. A SSC does not have a time or mileage limitation while a LSC does have a time limit or mileage limit.

A CSP (Customer Support Program) also known as a “Warranty Enhancement” is where Toyota will extend the warranty coverage period on a certain component or components. The covered component must be shown to fail under the exact conditions described in order to qualify for the enhancement.

A Recall is mandated by Federal Regulations. Mandatory recalls fall into two categories: Safety and Emissions.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHSTA) administers safety investigations while the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the California Air Resources Board (CARB) administer emissions recalls.

If a vehicle is covered by any Service Campaign, Warranty Enhancement or Recall, a letter will be sent to the registered owner by first class mail. You can also contact your local Toyota Dealer or check with Toyota on their website using your vehicles VIN number. Here is a link to the website…. http://www.toyota.com/owners/web/pages/resources/recalls


John Yackowski

Purchased a used 2009 Toyota Camry in 2019, very recently the dash has become very sticky and I found write ups on a recall and fixes awhile ago. Is this still something that I can do with this problem?