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I own a 2013 RAV4 with the pearl white paint. Today I was just rinsing off my car when the PAINT started peeling off the roof! Anybody else?
2006 Solara had no dash issues until this past the 10 year guideline. Dealer filed data. Dash worse. Update on being covered? HELP!
I have a 05 Camry 3,3 new battery & fuel pump, cranks but no start, have fuel and spark,Fuses & relays ok.Sec sys recognizes my master keys
Hi, noticed our first drive of 40 hwy 20 city miles in 2014 2.4 Camry SE, 33k, from previous owner, got 19.7 mpg. Seems a bit low?!?
Anyone can help me...i got some trouble sequoia...i need to know the exact timing chain mark..
only found out by calling in july 2016 when problem started. engine blew before it was tested. when i noticed toyota in july still no reply
who tell me date of first notice about 2007 camry engine haveing oil consumption. issues. i never got one . I found out only july2016
Michael, i wrote a novel with all the info but had trouble with my password and lost it, but not before taking a screen shot. It being 3:30am i ain't up to redoing it. If you want sent me your email at i'll paste it to you. I'm a 72 year old who also knows vehicles and dealership service departments.....Rick Marshall
Have 09 Camry w/97973 mi Did "oil consumption test” Did use 1 qt during 1200 mile interval, but told that is not considered excessive ????
They have fed us promises since then but my dealer has not made repairs in 2 months...same place in line for 2 months, warranty over soon.
Toyota has got us like the Matrix, they enhance the warranty but there is not enough time. I have been on the repair list since May 2015!!
I'm a Toyota enthusiast. I've always been curious about all Toyota Vehicle particularly the Camry. I share the same passion as you.